Palisade Synthetic Underlayment is 100 percent Felt Free.

6 Month UV ProtectionUnless a roofing project is an immediate dry in, most primary roofs do not get installed over the exposed underlayment for extended periods, which can sometimes reach several weeks or months. In most roofing projects, job site scheduling, delays in primary roofing delivery, and contractor availability all lead to exposure of the underlayment which was initially applied to protect the structure from water intrusion. During this exposed period, the effects of sun, wind, water take their toll on underlayments, which are only designed to temporarily shed water; not function as the primary roofing covering!

Very often, tarps are used over felt underlayment to protect from buckling, wrinkling, and blow offs... this is extra labor and material costs wasted.

Asphalt felt paper underlayments are prone to UV degradation from extended sunlight exposure. The exposed bitumen and organic felt are severely attacked by UV sunlight. UV weakens the underlayment, thus compromising on site protection, and longer term performance once the primary roof is finally installed. This premature UV damage, followed by long term heat aging, combine to reduce the integrity of asphalt felt based underlayments. The images below vividly illustrate the severe degradation of 30# felt paper under UV/heat exposure, showing evidence of surface drying, chafing, embrittlement, and through-cracking.

Effects of Felt Exposure

Utilizing advanced synthetic polymer UV protection technology, PALISADE™ is specifically engineered to allow for up to 6 months UV exposure* without compromising the integrity of the underlayment. As a synthetic polymer based underlayment, PALISADE™ is also superior in heat aging resistance, as it contains no oils or unstabilized asphalt which dries and cracks over time. Does it make sense to install an expensive 50 yr+ rated tile or metal roof system with asphalt underlayment that may last a fraction of that time?

PALISADE™ superior UV underlayment performance allows for greatly expanded job site scheduling flexibility and greatly reduced concern for underlayment damage and replacement from exposure to the elements; all without the need for tarps or doubling of layers.

*PALISADE™ is not designed to replace the primary roof covering material, or for indefinite outdoor exposure. Final roofing must be installed within 6 months.

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