Palisade SA-HT : High Temperature Rated

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In certain applications, such as metal roofing, the underlayment can be exposed to elevated temperatures which can severely comprise the integrity of the self-adhered waterproofing membrane layer. If the waterproofing layer is not properly stabilized for elevated temperature performance, the waterproofing layer can actually liquify and flow down the roof deck and down the vertical face of the building structure (See Figure 1). This is gross failure of the underlayment, and would require repair of the entire roofing assembly as well as repair of the damaged sidewall building components: very costly!

PALISADE™ SA-HT is uniquely designed with an advanced bituminous formulation membrane for 250° F temperature performance. Many brands on the market today claim "250° F" HT performance, but in controlled laboratory testing, these same HT brands fail to perform according to manufacturer claims and exhibit gross adhesive flow. (See Figure 2). Lower priced HT brands are typically formulated with low levels of commodity grade bitumen modifiers and deliver only partial HT performance; insufficient for the demanding requirements of extreme metal and tile roofing applications. Some brands utilize butyl membrane technology, which although provides excellent HT performance, is extremely costly, and not economically feasible. PALISADE™ SA-HT delivers category leading HT performance in an advanced technology bituminous membrane technology, at low cost.

Asphalt Seeping
Seepage Comparison

Combined with PALISADE™ synthetic underlayment which is rated to 300° F, SDP offers a one stop ALL-ROOFING combination of underlayments for any steep slope roofing application with just two products.

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